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Health Education

Health Education

Major subject – Health Education

Health problems related to lifestyle and mental illness are major health challenges facing Finland both now and in the future. Health Education students will learn various health-related concepts and theories, current health research and the health promoting work done at various levels of society. In your studies, you will learn about the health and health trends of children, youths and other age groups. You will gain an understanding of the factors affecting physical, mental and social well-being. You will also learn about health behaviour and how lifestyle choices involving, for example, physical activity, diet, sexuality and relationships affect health and the well-being experienced throughout life.

Studies in Health Education are interdisciplinary and based on current international research and its practical application. If you study Health Education as a long minor subject and combine it with minor subject studies in pedagogy, you will earn a teacher qualification for basic education.  If you are studying to become a subject teacher in another teaching subject and have Health Education as a long minor subject, you will be qualified to teach at the general upper secondary school level.


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Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa
Health Education
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