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General Pedagogy

General Pedagogy

Major subject – General Pedagogy

Pedagogical skills are needed in multiple aspects of working life. By studying General Pedagogy, you will become a pedagogical specialist in working life and gain broad expertise in the field of education. Your studies will teach you to analyse and understand education, teaching, development and learning as national, international, multicultural and minority phenomena. In addition to key pedagogical theories and concepts, you will also gain insights into the philosophical, sociological, psychological, political and historical dimensions of pedagogy.

Studies in General Pedagogy are multifaceted and provide an opportunity for specialisation. You can use your minor subjects and elective studies to create the professional profile you want. Choosing Adult Education as your first/long minor can benefit you a great deal. During your Master’s level studies, you can also focus on philosophical and social science problems, pedagogical leadership and organisation development as well as educational administration. Practical training is also part of your studies. After completing your major subject studies in General Pedagogy, you can then supplement your degree with studies that provide a teacher or rector qualification. General Pedagogy can also be studied as a minor subject.

Thesis work at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level as well as post-graduate research (after earning a Master’s degree) are oriented toward studies in interpersonal phenomena at the organisational and societal level. This deals with phenomena associated with fundamental pedagogical issues and current educational problems and development. Issues involving leadership and learning in a civil society are prioritised. Students are encouraged to participate in subject research projects in collaboration with staff and doctoral students. In research we strive for interdisciplinary co-operation both within the faculty and across faculty boundaries.


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General Pedagogy
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