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French Language and Literature

French Language and Literature

Major subject – French Language and Literature

As a world language, French is the official language in 29 countries and is spoken by 279 million people all over the world. In addition to strong, practical language proficiency, studies in French will provide you with expertise in French linguistics and cultural and literary knowledge. Linguistics will provide you with the fundamental concepts for understanding and describing language and linguistic phenomena. You will gain a multifaceted understanding of the French-speaking culture by studying French society as well as the French-speaking world at large. French language literature and its literary history will provide you with even deeper insights into the culture.

As a French Language and Literature student, you will choose either general studies, the study line for subject teachers or specialisation in language and economics. Students in general studies can freely combine various minor subjects to broaden their humanities education. Students in the study line for subject teachers will study pedagogy as their long minor and a special course in the teaching of French and another teaching subject. Students specialising in language and economics will study Business Administration as their minor subject. All students will do some form of language practice, either as an exchange student or by working in a French-speaking country. French Language and Literature can also be studied as a minor subject.

In the subject French Language and Literature, the most important areas of research are syntax and semantics in modern French, text linguistics, contemporary French literature, migration literature, the globalisation of literature, literature of the 17th century and travelogues.


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