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Energy Technology

Energy Technology

Major subject – Energy Technology

Our energy supply is a crucial part of modern society. Students of Energy Technology in Vaasa will gain an understanding of the technical solutions and dynamics of the traditional energy economy as well as the challenges and possibilities offered by the transition to renewable energy sources and carbon-neutrality. In addition to skills in process and systems technology, the studies will provide you with an insight into energy systems approaches, where material and energy flows are integrated with state-of-the-art technical solutions. You will first learn about the economic aspects behind the renewal processes and how legislation affects them. The studies will also give you an insight into how our environmental impact can be reduced with improved material and energy efficiency.

The prerequisite for Master’s studies in Energy Technology is a suitable lower university degree earned previously, preferably within the field of technology. Your studies will provide you with extensive knowledge, are built upon scientific research, and have both theoretical and practical elements. Co-operation with the Novia University of Applied Sciences and universities in the Vaasa region is excellent and, as a student, you have the opportunity to choose your area of specialisation by taking elective courses. The study environment is international, with close contacts in the Vaasa energy cluster. You will very likely be doing your Master’s thesis in co-operation with a company.

Research in Energy Technology makes use of approaches for energy systems, where material and energy flows are integrated with state-of-the-art technological solutions, the economy and legislation serve as the basis for improved energy and material efficiency as well as for reducing environmental impacts. Some current areas for research co-operation in the Vaasa region include the gas economy (particularly LNG), engine technology, energy storage and the IoT for energy systems.


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Energy Technology
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