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Education, Teacher training

Education, Teacher training

Major subject – Education, Teacher training

The aim of teaching is to influence individuals’ learning in a goal-directed manner and using different methods. Education (or pedagogy) refers to the study of education, teaching and schooling with a special focus of the education of children and youth. If you are studying to be a class teacher, your major subject will be Education, Teacher training. During your studies, you will gain the advanced knowledge and competence required of a teacher to meet the daily challenges at school and in society. You will reflect on the teacher’s professional identity and acquire tools to contribute to the inclusive school. You will learn about the development of children and youth, and become aware of gender issues, diversity and digitalisation in education. You will be trained in how to plan and implement teaching, while also gaining abilities to critically review your teaching on the basis of contemporary scientific theories.

Your studies in Education will be diverse, providing you with a broad foundation for your future profession. Subject didactics will be your first long minor subject, together with the different subjects and subject modules included in basic education. An important part of your studies is practical training, which you will complete in several periods at the Vaasa Teacher Training School or a language-immersion school and a field school of your choice.

Research in relation to class teacher training is conducted within the subject area of Education for teacher training and subject didactics. The professionalisation of teaching is a common theme that characterises many research endeavours within Education for teacher training. While research related to the teacher and teaching is well established within Education, the area continues to offer new perspectives and opportunities to further research. An underlying idea is that increased knowledge and understanding of the teacher’s work and its conditions has an impact on the development of the key contents of the training and further education of teachers.

With a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, you will be qualified to work with children up to school age. You can work as a teacher in early childhood education or as a preschool teacher. If you continue your studies for a Master’s degree, you can work with daycare administrative tasks, for example as head of a daycare centre. A Master’s degree also gives you the opportunity to continue with postgraduate studies. The studies in early childhood education will provide rewarding tasks in an interesting field of work!


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Education, Teacher training
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