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Drug Development and Medical Technology

Major subject – Drug Development and Medical Technology

The development of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies is growing on a global scale, requiring ever increasing capabilities from experts in the field. Students majoring in Bioscience, Specialisation in Pharmacy will gain an understanding of this development and its various phases, from discovery to market launch. You will learn the key concepts in the subject area and about the analyses you will need to conduct in the development processes. Your studies will deepen your knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, and you will further develop your skills in, for example, pharmaceutical analysis methods, new manufacturing technologies, drug safety, clinical tests, market approval, quality control and good manufacturing practices.

The prerequisite for Master’s studies in Pharmaceutical Development and Medical Technology is a suitable Bachelor’s degree earned previously.  The studies are multifaceted and based on cutting-edge pharmaceutical research. The subject enjoys excellent contacts with the pharmaceutical industry. By taking elective courses and thematic modules, you can tailor your studies and focus on the theme that interests you the most. Thanks to our close partnerships with the University of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences, you are also eligible to take courses there. You also have the possibility of travelling abroad on a student exchange or traineeship as part of your studies.


The focal point in pharmaceutical research at Åbo Akademi University is  drug design and development. Much of the research is centred around pharmaceutical technology and focuses on various areas within pharmaceutical development as well as new manufacturing and formulation technologies. 3D printing, microfluidics and nanotechnology for drug delivery and diagnostics (nanomedicine) are some of the areas on which research is focused.


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