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Subjects of study

Subjects of study

En smartphone med räknare och en bärbar dator.


Accounting is used to describe, prescribe, analyse and assess the reality of an organisation in a systematic and structured manner.

Adult Education

Our time is characterised by rapid changes and developments, thus requiring us to constantly deal with new things.


Animal Law (minor subject)

Animal Law can be studied as a minor subject at Åbo Akademi University. Why Animal Law? The essence of animal...

Art History

The world around us is visual and artistic forms are expressed in both works of art and everyday articles. Art History will teach you how to interpret expressions in different periods of human history; in visual art, design, architecture and urban planning.



To be able to develop, for example, new pharmaceuticals, we need to to understand the chemical mechanisms behind biological processes and diseases.

Blommor i tre lerkrukor.

Biology (minor subject)

If you want to teach biology, this is the minor subject for you.

Caring Science

A holistic view of human health is the key to good care.

Mikroskop och celler.

Cell and Molecular Bioscience

It is a revolutionary time for biology, medicine and biochemistry. In Cell and Molecular Bioscience, you will learn how cells live and why they die, about cell lifecycles and behaviour, and how tissues and organs are formed.

Studerande som sitter vid en datorskärm och studerar celler.

Cell Biology

The cell and its molecules make up the central building blocks of all life on earth. Cell biology gives you in-depth knowledge of cell structure and function, cellular differentiation and development, and how disorders in these processes might arise.


The properties of all of the materials we come into contact with every day are highly dependent on their chemical composition.

Åbo Domkyrka.

Church History

The history of Christianity is both long and multifaceted. Church History looks at how Christianity has been expressed in the church and society in different time periods.


Computer Engineering

Today, information technology is a vital part of our everyday lives. With Computer Engineering as your major subject, you will learn how to apply expertise in information technology, engineering and mathematics, becoming a professional problem-solver in information technology’s countless areas of application.