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Qualification-granting studies for teachers, specializing in higher education pedagogy.

Qualification-granting studies for teachers, specializing in higher education pedagogy.

Higher Education Pedagogy

Why Higher Education Pedagogy?

For those who teach at the university level, the courses provide a solid pedagogical and didactic foundation. You receive both theory and practice to support your teaching and the guidance you provide. As a university lecturer, you need to collaborate, work towards a networking teaching culture, and continuously engage in your own professional development.

The studies provide you with a general pedagogical teaching qualification (60 credits in educational studies for teachers). To obtain the general teaching qualification, one needs to be admitted to higher education pedagogy.

Individual courses in higher education pedagogy

Without being admitted to higher education pedagogy, staff and doctoral students at ÅA can take a maximum of four specific courses within their subject studies:

HP00BQ02 Didactic design of higher education teaching
HP00CN24 Digital didactics in higher education
HP00CN25 Supervision in theory and practice in higher education
HP00BQ05 Educational leadership

Registration for these four courses is done via this e-form (opens later).

Those who already have a pedagogical teaching qualification can choose one or more of the courses above according to their own interest.

Watch our videos on Higher Education Pedagogy:

Video 1: Why is there a need for higher education pedagogy?

Video 2: What do participants say about higher education pedagogy?

Video 3: Why is there a need for educational leadership?

All courses within the subject studies are flexible hybrid courses where participation takes place online or on-site in Vaasa or Turku alongside your own work. The basic studies in pedagogy must be completed before you start the subject studies.

The language of instruction within the subject studies is primarily English, but guidance and examination are based on the linguistic background of the students.

Studies included in qualification-granting studies in higher education pedagogy

Basic Studies in Pedagogy, 25 credits.

The basic study package may consist of studies in, for example, general pedagogy, adult education, special education, or teacher-oriented basic studies.

Subject Studies in Pedagogy, 35 credits, from August 1, 2022.

HP00BQ02 Didactic Design of Higher Education Teaching
HP00CN24 Digital Didactics in Higher Education
HP00CN25 Supervision in Theory and Practice in Higher Education
HP00BQ12 Teacher training 1
HP00BQ05 Educational leadership
HP00BQ09 Pedagogical Research and Development Work
HP00BQ06 Teacher training 2

If I have previously completed courses in university or higher education pedagogy? If you have completed studies in university or higher education pedagogy according to previous models and wish to continue studying with the goal of obtaining pedagogical qualification, you may receive credit for previously completed courses.

If you are already admitted to higher education pedagogy and wish to resume your studies?

Contact the faculty’s study counseling services: fpv-studieradgivare@abo.fi.


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Application time 26.2-15.3.2024 kl. 15:00.

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