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Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering

Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering

Master’s­ Degree­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Sus­tain­able­ Che­mi­cal and­ Pro­cess Engi­nee­ring

Like many of the programmes available at ÅAU, this programme has been carefully structured to ensure that graduates are not only equipped with the necessary skills to succeed within their chosen career, but also, to ensure that they are adaptable to the ever-changing face of modern industries. Through practical and theoretical studies, this two-year programme aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of sustainable chemical and process engineering as a field and its imperative value to the growth of areas such as biofuel, energy efficiency, waste management and many more.

Graduates of this programme can look forward to becoming an integral part of the growth and diversification of invaluable sectors – some of which are now essential for human well-being. Students will gain top-level expertise recognized on both a national and international level, allowing them to confidently and effectively contribute to the research, development and everyday running of cutting-edge processes.

This master’s degree programme consists of 12 months of courses and six months of thesis work with a three-month summer break between the first and second academic year. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded a Master of Science Degree in Technology.


120 ECTS / 2 years





Apply time

3 – 17.1.2024


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Application period 3 – 17.1.2024

Career opportunities

Past students of this programme have gone on to succeed in a variety of different careers across a number of thriving sectors. As well as roles specific to the engineering industry, graduates have also achieved success in areas such as research, business development, project management and education. As this programme provides students with such a broad array of skills, it is an excellent starting point from which to build an academic or professional career that will constantly challenge those with an analytical mind.


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