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Structural biology facilities

Structural biology facilities

Contact person: Tomi Airenne

Protein purification

ÄKTA Pure - an automated liquid chromatography system for protein purification

ÄKTA Pure from GE Healthcare Life Sciences is an automated liquid chromatography system for protein purification.

Protein crystallization

Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory is equipped with two state-of-art instruments for screening and testing protein crystallization conditions:

Mosquito for nano-scale drop crystallization setups

Mosquito from TTP LabTech can be used for nano-scale automated hanging and sitting drop crystallization setups. It is possible to make several multi-component drops per well e.g. to test different protein concentrations or different ligands at the same time.

RockImager for automatic imaging of crystallization setups

RockImager from Formulatrix can be used for automatic imaging of crystallization setups.

PX Scanner

PX Scanner from the Agilent Technologies is a unique in situ X-ray diffraction system. It can be used to test crystals for their X-ray diffraction qualities directly on a 96 well sitting drop crystallization plate without removal of the crystals from their growth environment.

Updated 16.10.2018