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Our services

Our services

User experience design

Why should a product be tested at its earliest possible stage? The answer is clear: because expensive mistakes can be avoided and resources can be directed correctly from the beginning. In the past, we often tested finished products. Today, however, we usually test early prototypes, and this is what user experience design is ultimately about.


Expert reports

Sometimes there is not enough time or money for thorough user experience testing. No worries – in these situations we can instead perform a quick analysis on the website, or any other product. Thanks to our long experience, we can suggest improvements to things that are not working optimally from a user’s perspective.



What digital skills will I need in the future? How will digitalization affect my work? These are some of the questions that we reflect upon in the workshops held in our laboratory. We demonstrate augmented and virtual reality and try to open the participants’ minds to see things in a future perspective.



When we are giving lectures (something we are glad to do), we hope to spread knowledge about the digital transformation. The topics of our lectures can either be very broad or very specific – such as using robots to replace nurses in health care.


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Updated 5.6.2019