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Åbo Akademi University and Neste enter cooperation

Neste and Åbo Akademi University have signed a letter of intent on strategic cooperation. The aim of the cooperation is to improve the competitiveness of both parties while increasing Finnish chemical industry expertise, including such fields as chemical and process engineering, bioeconomy, and circular economy.

– Neste represents a Finnish industry success story, especially in the field of biofuels. Bioenergy, biomass refining and biofuels are also the leading areas of research at Åbo Akademi University. We have collaborated with Neste for a long time now, but this strategic cooperation model and new research portfolio will open doors to a more long-term as well as new way of doing, which will certainly benefit both parties, says Mikko Hupa, Rector of Åbo Akademi University.

– We are truly excited about the cooperation we are entering into with Åbo Akademi University. We firmly believe that our innovative joint projects will improve the competitiveness of the Finnish chemical industry. Finnish chemical industry know-how is already world-class and I believe that together with Åbo Akademi University we get to make the most out of our strengths in a new and inspirational way, says Lars Peter Lindfors, Neste’s Senior Vice President of Technology.