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Corona – information and emotions

Corona – information and emotions



Project coordinator

Åbo Akademi

Information Studies in Åbo Akademi University launches a short survey to collect research material during the Emergency Power Act caused by the coronavirus.

The everyday life in Finland changed drastically in March 2020 when the government declared Emergency Powers Act to be in effect because of the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). There is a lot of information available right now about the corona epidemic and we are interested in hearing particularly your experiences of the flow of information in this new situation. From where do you get the information you need? How do you handle the amount of information? How do you evaluate the reliability of the information? All the experiences are valuable and help us to better understand your attitude to information during a state of emergency.

Participating in this study is anonymous and all possible references to identification of persons will be removed from the material. Materials will be stored in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) so that it can be used broadly according to the open science recommendations.

Additional information from professor Gunilla Widén, Åbo Akademi University, Information studies

You can answer the survey through an online form. The survey contains a few background questions and five main questions. You can choose how many questions you want to answer and both short and longer answers are welcomed.

[The survey is closed.]

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