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Background 1999-2014

The Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Group (ÅA-PCG) was selected as one of the 26 new Centres of Excellence for the period 2000-2005. The status was granted by the Academy of Finland.

In 2005, ÅA-PCG applied again and the renamed Åbo Akademi Process Chemistry Centre (PCC) became one of the new centres appointed by the Academy of Finland. In all 143 applicants participated and 23 received the status of a Centre of Excellence. The new Centre of Excellence period was during the years 2006-2011.

During the years 2012-2014 PCC continued its activities with a new research programme working in close collaboration with a number of industrial companies and research organizations around the world. PCC grew successively in quantity and quality.

A new era 2015-2018

Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre is now one of the Centres of Excellence in scientific research at Åbo Akademi University. The status (with a considerable amount of extra funding from Åbo Akademi University) will be valid for the years 2015-2018. The PCC is now expanded to five laboratories; Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry (new partner), Inorganic Chemistry, Wood and Paper Chemistry as well as Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering. We also changed our name to Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre (PCC) at Åbo Akademi University.

Updated 29.6.2018