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Brainwaves with EEG

Brainwaves with EEG

Brainwaves with EEG

An EEG device can measure a test subject’s brainwaves and monitor his or her moods. This data can tell us whether a person is reacting to something in a negative or positive way. EEG allows us to measure many other things as well, such as the activation level of the problem solving ability.


Analyses and conclusions

We can begin to interpret the resulting data once the research has been conducted. Over the years, we have conducted hundreds of tests and hence accumulated a unique expertise in this field. That is why we know how to analyse the research material and how to draw the right conclusions from it.


We are able to test all kinds of digital interfaces, such as:

  •     Websites
  •     Applications
  •     Games
  •     Software
  •     Videos
  •     Industrial products


Updated 5.6.2019