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Nordic Conference in Social Studies Didactics 2022

The role of social studies in the Nordic countries – explaining changes and crises

Nordic Conference in Social Studies Didactics 4–5.4.2022


Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa (Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies) invite to the NOKSA 3-conference in Vaasa, Finland

NOTE! Since the possibilities to travel to Vaasa are restricted due to the pandemic the committee has decided to make some changes to the timetable of the conference. You will find the updated programme here!

The world changes and will continue to do so, but sometimes the nature of the changes is surprising. After the liberal revolutions in 1989–1991, few imagined the tides would turn; we certainly did not expect for example authoritarian regimes in the European Union 30 years later. Equally unfathomable is the impact of social media, fake news and hateful online trolls on public debates. And economic crises tend to follow uneven patterns.

From the perspective of social studies didactics, it is relevant to ask how the subject can meet the needs and demands of the 21st century. Democratic values are intrinsic to the subject but how can and should conflicting perspectives be addressed, for example, when democratic governments challenge human rights, democratic institutions and processes? How can social studies support students’ critical analysis of social and digital media? In what ways can social studies explain fluctuations in the global economy and its’ effects on the national and personal economy? How can the subject explain fluid societal processes and fast economic changes? In what ways can it prepare students for an unpredictable future?

The third NOKSA conference welcomes contributions on the role of social studies in different educational settings. Together we can identify recent trends in research on social studies didactics to address current issues, questions and challenges in the Nordic societies and on a global level. The NOKSA conference is an arena for junior and senior researchers to present ongoing or finished research projects relating to social studies didactics in the Nordic countries.

We welcome presentations, workshops or symposiums related to the themes of the conference in the Scandinavian languages or in English.  We are striving to have parallel sessions in Scandinavian languages and in English.

Updated 18.2.2022