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The war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine

Åbo Akademi University expresses sympathy and support for Ukraine and especially for its academic community. On this page we have gathered information related to the war in Ukraine and how it affects the activities of Åbo Akademi University. We will update the page regularly.

The university Crisis Management Group is responsible for coordinating the actions of Åbo Akademi University in relation to the war in Ukraine.

Åbo Akademi University follows the guidelines of the Finnish Government and the Ministry of Education for research and education cooperation and student exchange with Russia.

At Åbo Akademi University there are students, researchers and employees with friends and relatives on both sides of the conflict. We are all part of the ÅAU community and treat all members of our community with respect, regardless of nationality or origin. Åbo Akademi University has zero tolerance for any form of bullying, racism and hate speech.

This applies right now:

  • In accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Åbo Akademi University freezes all cooperation with Russian universities and other Russian organisations until further notice.
  • Åbo Akademi University is currently not entering into any new cooperation with Russian and Belarusian partners.
  • Åbo Akademi University recommends that no researchers or experts from Russian or Belarusian universities or other institutions are called upon as opponents, preliminary examiners or as experts in recruitement and docent processes.
  • Åbo Akademi University does not receive visiting scholars from Russia.
  • Åbo Akademi University does not initiate any new publication projects, such as articles, chapters or books, with researchers working in Russia.
  • Work-related travel to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not permitted.
  • Employees and students from the affected regions may continue their work and studies at Åbo Akademi University. At this stage, Åbo Akademi University does not accept new exchange students from Russia or Belarus.
  • Students from Ukrainian universities who have fled the war can enroll in courses at Åbo Akademi University and the open university free of charge. Find more information on the course arrangements and how Ukrainian students can apply.
  • Åbo Akademi University cooperates with other Finnish universities to support Ukrainian students, employees and researchers and offer them opportunities to study or work in Finland.

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