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Special arrangements for Ukrainian students

Special arrangements for Ukrainian students

Åbo Akademi University wants to support Ukrainian students by offering them the possibility to study courses without fees. University students, who have left Ukraine because of the war, are entitled to take individual courses at Åbo Akademi University without paying the course fee.

Університет Åbo Akademi хоче підтримати українських студентів та пропонує їм можливість навчатися на курсах безкоштовно. Студенти які залишили Україну через війну, мають право проходити окремi індивідуальні курси в університетi Åbo Akademi безкоштовно. Більш детальну інформацію ви можете знайти англійською мовою.


There are two different options: Supplementary studies for non-degree students and Open University courses – more information below. For general questions about studies and study opportunities at Åbo Akademi University, please contact studinfo@abo.fi. Last on this page also information about the mobility project in Erasmus+ KA1.


Supplementary studies for non-degree students (extra students) at Åbo Akademi University

You can apply for a right to study as an extra student in order to complete one or a few courses offered at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU). Extra students participate in daytime courses (in Åbo or Vasa) and study under the same conditions as regular students at the university. Supplementary studies do not give you the right to graduate.

You can apply for supplementary studies if you are currently living in Finland and have the need to complete one or a few specific courses offered at ÅAU. Supplementary students are not entitled to student financial aid or any other social benefits for students. Studying as a supplementary student does not give the right to study as a regular student at ÅAU, nor does it constitute an eligible basis for a visa application.

If the course is full or if the course’s prerequisites are not met, the study right is not granted. Some subjects do not accept any extra students.

How do you apply?

1. Courses can be found in the Study Guide, but in order to know what courses you can apply for it is advisable to contact the study advisor at the faculty or the subject you are interested in.

2. Once you know, which course you wish to complete you fill this application form.
You can apply for courses offered one term (autumn or spring term) or the academic year (autumn and spring term).

If you have questions regarding the study right or if you want to send attachments to your application e-mail extra@abo.fi.

Once the application is processed, we will send the decision about the right to supplementary studies to you by e-mail.

For general questions about studies and study opportunities at Åbo Akademi University, please contact studinfo@abo.fi.


Courses at the Open University at ÅAU

The Open University offers online courses in English and will now offer them for free to Ukrainian students. Please, when registering, write in the comments field that you are from Ukraine!

The courses available in English are published on this page by the Open University.

The courses are administrated by the Open university at the Centre for lifelong learning at Åbo Akademi University. This decision applies until 31.7.2024.


Support for people who have fled Ukraine: Mobility project in Erasmus+ KA1

Erasmus+ grants are no longer available. You can still apply to be a non-degree (extra) student at Åbo Akademi but use the funding from the Finnish state.


Erasmus+ qualification:

People qualified for support within Erasmus+ are those, who by the time of the beginning of the Russian attack were:

  • Enrolled at a Ukrainian higher education institution (HEI)
  • Graduated from a Ukrainian HEI within last year (only for internship)
  • Employed by a Ukrainian HEI

The qualification must be proven with official documents from the HEI or other relevant Ukrainian institution.

Exchange arrangements:

The receiving university (Åbo Akademi) is responsible for grants/scholarships. Due to the state of war in Ukraine, mutual arrangements with the Ukrainian university are not always necessary. Exceptions may also be made as follows:

  • Inter-institutional agreements (IIA) are not needed between the institutions
  • Learning / mobility agreements are signed by the participant and the receiving institution (Åbo Akademi)
  • Grant agreements are signed by the participant and the receiving institution (Åbo Akademi)

People who have fled the war in Ukraine have the possibility to study languages with the web-based program Online Language Support (OLS) starting from July 2022. The language support is given in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Grants for students and staff:

Grants can only be granted for the period when the studies, internship or staff exchange take place. The size of the grant is the same as for participants in global mobility within Erasmus+. All higher educational students arriving from Ukraine are additionally entitled to a top-up-grant (fewer opportunities / disadvantaged background).


KA131 grants for people fleeing the war in Ukraine:

  • Grants for students: 1150 €/month (900 € /month + top-up 250 € /month)
  • Grants for staff: 180 €/day (1–14 days), 126 €/day (15-60 days)


For more information

Contact international affairs at exchange@abo.fi


Updated 9.10.2023