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The Rector’s office will move to Humanisticum

Åbo Akademi University’s Rector and Vice-rectors will be moving to the Humanisticum building at Piispankatu 13 by the end of this autumn.

The idea is to bring the university’s executive management and academic activities closer to each other. Humanisticum provides suitable facilities for this purpose. The building is located at the core of the campus in Turku, and this change will result in a more efficient use of ÅAU’s premises.

“The Rector’s office will be centrally located within the ÅAU campus in Turku. Our hope is for it to become a place of bubbling activity with a low threshold for meeting with the management”, Rector Moira von Wright explains.

Today, Humanisticum houses, among others, the Donner Institute, which will continue operating on the ground floor of the building. The Rector and Vice-rectors will occupy office and meeting rooms on the first floor. Those who currently have a workroom on the first floor will be offered rooms elsewhere, if necessary.

The Rector already has premises reserved for events and receptions on the ground floor of Humanisticum, which will be used more extensively in the future.

The move to Humanisticum concerns, in addition to the Rector and Vice-rectors, the Head of Administration, the Executive Assistant, and the Head of Planning and Development. The central administration will carry on working in the Main Building at Tuomiokirkontori 3.

The ÅAU Main Building will continue to be an essential location for activities within the university. The Board and the administration will have their meetings in the Main Building, and all central administrative functions will remain there.