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The Astra construction to be part of the Path of Light event

The construction of the new Astra campus building will be part of this year’s edition of the City of Turku’s Path of Light event. During the event, 6–9.12 2023, the construction site on the Åbo Akademi University campus will be illuminated by a light installation. 

Turku Cathedral was home to Finland’s first school and the Royal Academy of Turku was founded there in 1640. In the center of old Turku’s unique and historic environment, a new campus is now being built for the education of the future. The Åbo Akademi University Foundation and Åbo Akademi University want to celebrate this with a light installation.  

In the middle of the historic district, at the intersection of Piispankatu and Porthaninkatu, is the Stjärnan block, whose name comes from Engel’s city plan. Here the Åbo Akademi Foundation is now building the Astra campus centre, which will be a meeting place for Åbo Akademi’s students, staff and the public.   

During the Light Path event, the construction site will be illuminated by a light installation. The artwork hovers about half a kilometre above the construction site and illustrates how the new building is taking shape. The building constructions are part of the light installation. In interaction with the darkness, haze and contrasts of the construction site, the light installation creates an experience of beauty, innovation and anticipation.  


The light artwork is commissioned by the Åbo Akademi University Foundation and Åbo Akademi University. 

The light event will be held in the city centre and in the Old Turku area on 69 December 2023. All artworks and programme information will be updated on the website https://www.turku.fi/en/pathlight