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Press release

Press release

Prizes awarded at the Opening Ceremony for the Academic Year 2020–2021 at Åbo Akademi University

The following prizes and scholarships were awarded at the opening ceremony:

From the fund of Harry Elving:

Prizes for researchers

D.Soc.Sc. Xoan Evans Pin receives 5 000 euros for his dissertation in developmental psychology titled Verbal and non-verbal communication as evolutionary restraint mechanism for nonkilling conflict management.

D.Soc.Sc. Jonas Tana receives 5 000 euros for his dissertation in information technology titled Infodemiology: Studying rhythmicity in online health information behaviour.

Teacher of the year

The prize for Teacher of the year is awarded to Laura Vahtera, university teacher in Finnish at the Language Centre. The prize sum is 5 000 euros.

Supervisor of the year

This year the Supervisor of the year award is awarded to two supervisors, based on student feedback: PhD Annika Meinander, Senior Lecturer, Docent in Cell Biology, and PhD Måns Broo, Senior Lecturer in Study of Religions. The prize is 1 500 euros.


Furthermore, Åbo Akademi University awards two students that “have shown good study results while also working for the good of Åbo Akademi University”. This year the 1 000 euros student scholarship is given to Ida Nordell and Måns Vikström.