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Kafé Gadolinia Kb has won the bidding competition for a restaurant in Aurum

Kafé Gadolinia Kb, also known as Kårkaféerna, has won the bidding competition for the restaurant that will be placed in the new Aurum building that is currently being built on Henrikinkatu in Turku. Aurum,for many still known as ”New Juslenia”, is built on the behalf of Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt (SYK) and will among other things house Åbo Akademi University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering as well as University of Turku’s Department of Chemistry and library. Aurum will be completed in the spring of 2021 and operations will commence in the fall of the same year.

“We were impressed by the whole presented by Kårkaféerna, which showcased their nutrition-related competence and a strong knowledge of the customer and market. We believe that they have the capability to turn Aurum’s restaurant into a lively meeting spot. As an operator, we hope Kårkaféerna will flexibly consider how customer needs change and we believe that they can stay updated on current trends. We expect that besides the people working and studying in the building, the restaurant will also entice people living in the area”, describes Jessica Örn, Customer Manager at SYK.

“We’re delighted that Kårkaféerna were chosen to plan and operate Aurum’s restaurant. We’re looking forward to serving excellent food and providing a terrific atmosphere in three languages in the heart of Aurum. The process started this fall and our team has consistently emphasized our attention to high quality, good customer service and knowing our clients.” says Susanna Häyry, CEO of Kafé Gadolinia Kb

Kafé Gadolinia Kb is owned by The Student Union of Åbo Akademi University and the alumni association Åbo Akademis Alumner rf. The company has operated for over 40 years and today it has four student restaurants; Café Arken, Café Fänriken, Café Gadolinia and Café Kåren. In addition to the lunch restaurants there’s also the order restaurant Restaurang Kåren. The company employs a staff of about thirty as well as three restaurant managers.

The University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) is a nationwide owner and developer of higher education campuses.