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InFLAMES receives continued funding from the Research Council of Finland

InFLAMES, the joint flagship of Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku, has been granted continued funding by the Research Council of Finland. The Research Council has granted a total of 42 million euros for the continued funding of four flagships for 2025–2028.

In their their mid-term review, The Reasearch Council found the activities of the Flagships to be excellent. The Flagships have been very successful in their first two years and their future plans are promising.

– I am extremely proud of our flagship InFLAMES and thankful for all our top-level researchers that have contributed to the application and the ongoing immunology research. Naturally, I am also very happy about the funding decision from the Research Council of Finland, for granting us an outstanding possibility and the necessary support to further develop one of our strongest research environments, says Reko Leino, Vice-rector for research at ÅAU.

InFLAMES aims at identifying new targets for drug development together with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The flagship also develops diagnostics so that targeted therapies could be designed for individual patients.

The following Flagships were granted continued funding from The Research Council of Finland: Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC), GeneCellNano – Gene, Cell and Nano Therapy Competence Cluster for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases, UNITE – Forest-Human-Machine Interplay – Building Resilience, Redefining Value Networks and Enabling Meaningful Experiences and InFLAMES – Innovation Ecosystem Based on the Immune System.

The Research Council of Finland is funding InFLAMES with 6.5 million euros for the period 2024– 2026, of which approximately 1.16 million euros is allocated to Åbo Akademi University. This is the first part of the extension, as the Research Council has announced that it is prepared to fund the flagship with a total of 10.4 million euros until 2028.


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More information about The Finnish Flagship Programme can be found on the The Reasearch Council’s website.