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Press Release

Press Release

Doctoral Thesis on occupational self-efficacy among ageing workers

Stina Wallin
Stina Wallin

Medicine Master Stina Wallin’s doctoral thesis in Caring Science will be put forth for public defence at The Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies at Åbo Akademi University.

The thesis is entitled Occupational self-efficacy among ageing workers – A resource for a full working life.

The public defence of the doctoral thesis takes place on 3 November at 12PM, in Akademisalen, Academill, Rantakatu 2, Vaasa. You can also attend the public defence of this doctoral thesis online. Professor Emeritus Clas-Håkan Nygård, University of Tampere, will serve as opponent and Professor Lisbeth Fagerström, Åbo Akademi University, as custos.

Stina Wallin (nee Snickars) was born in 1968, in Malax, Finland. She can be reached by phone 050 383 0645 or email stina.wallin@abo.fi.

The doctoral thesis can be read online through the Doria publication archive. 

Click here for a press photo of the doctoral student. 


Instructions on how to follow the doctoral defence remotely

To follow the defence, you need the Zoom software or the Google Chrome browser. You do not need to create a Zoom account to follow the defence. If you install the application, you participate by clicking on the meeting link, after which you should allow the link to open in the Zoom app.