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Press release

Press release

Coronavirus Infections among Students in Turku

There have been coronavirus infections and exposures among students of higher education institutions in Turku.

Students from the University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and Åbo Akademi University are among those infected or exposed to the virus. There are around twenty infected persons. The infected and exposed students are living in Turku. According to the current information, the infections and exposures are not related to students’ activities on campuses.

The health officials and Turku University Hospital are investigating the possible exposures. All who have been exposed will be contacted and they will receive instructions on quarantine and isolation.

The Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases at the City of Turku Jutta Peltoniemi reminds that, in order to control the coronavirus situation, it is important to take a coronavirus test even if you have only mild symptoms of the disease.

More information:

Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi
City of Turku
tel. +358 40 595 3682