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Åbo Akademi University is planning to move its library services in the Vaasa campus to Academill 

Åbo Akademi University’s Rector Moira von Wright has made a decision to initiate planning for the purpose of moving the library services of the Vaasa campus from Tritonia to Academill. The library services will become a part of Åbo Akademi University’s Library.

Åbo Akademi University has contributed to the establishment, development and operations of the science library Tritonia in Vaasa, which provides library services to the personnel and students of the five universities and universities of applied sciences in Vaasa.

As the owner of the Tritonia building, the University of Vaasa has notified that the library shall be moved to another location and its operations be made economically more sustainable. As a result, all collaborative parties have given notice to terminate the current agreement, which is valid until the end of the year.

Following extensive internal discussions and thorough consideration, the ÅAU management has decided to initiate planning in order to have part of the library activities in Vaasa managed by the ÅAU Library. Within certain other areas, such as the digital services and university education, the intention is to continue collaboration with the other universities in Vaasa.

The ÅAU personnel currently employed at the science library Tritonia would also move to Academill along with the setting up of the library services there.

“Collaboration among the universities and universities of applied sciences in Vaasa will naturally continue in the same good spirit as previously. Our intention is now to initiate negotiations concerning a new co-operation agreement with all relevant parties so as to ensure the provision of services during the transition period after the turn of the year, and to jointly develop the services and service portfolio”, says Rector Moira von Wright.