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Åbo Akademi University Foundation funds four new Centres of Excellence in Research for the years 2024–28

Four new Centres of Excellence in Research will begin their activities at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) at the turn of 2024. The Centres will share 6,000,000 € of ÅAU Foundation funding during the years 2024-2028.

The Vice-rector for research at ÅAU, Reko Leino, has been responsible for overseeing the application round. Out of 30 applications, and after two evaluation rounds with external experts, the final choice fell on four research teams.

“I am extremely grateful for the foundation’s investment in our new internal Centres of Excellence. With it, Åbo Akademi University can develop excellence and impact within our strongest research environments. I was impressed by the quality of all applications. The selected Centres are forward-looking and represent the breadth and excellence of research conducted at Åbo Akademi. Both future and already established bright stars are included here.” says Leino.

The ÅAU Foundation’s Research Director Ruth Illman was a member of the planning team.

“The internal Centres of Excellence funded by the foundation are visible long-term investments in research excellence at Åbo Akademi University. Previous Centres have over the years had a great impact both scientifically and in society and they have contributed to creating excellent research environments at a high international level as well as to new teaching areas at the university.” says Illman.

The new Centres of Excellence in Research are:

Psych-AID: Psychology at the Frontiers: Asylum Interviewing and Decision-Making

Director: Jan Antfolk, Professor in Psychology, primarily Applied Psychology

Vice-director: Julia Korkman, Professor of Practise in Legal Psychology

RELEX: Religion and Social Exclusion: A Cross-Cultural Approach and New Methodology

Director: dean Peter Nynäs, Professor in Study of Religions

Vice-director: Marcus Moberg, Professor in Study of Religions

MADNESS: Materials-driven Solutions for Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance

Director: Jessica Rosenholm, Professor in Pharmaceutical Development

Vice-director: Ivan Porres Paltor, Professor in Software Engineering

SOS: Centre for Sustainable Ocean Science

Director: Anna Törnroos-Remes, Associate Professor (tenure track) within the strategic research profile The Sea

Vice-director: Nina Tynkkynen, Professor in Environmental Governance and Policy