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A record number of applicants for Åbo Akademi University’s international master’s programmes

This year, Åbo Akademi University’s international master’s programmes attracted 5,874 applications from 4,482 applicants.

When the application period for the first joint application of the spring ended on 17 January at 3 p.m., a total of 4,482 people had applied for a place to study at one of Åbo Akademi University’s International Master’s Programmes which are taught in English. This is an increase of 130 percent compared to last year. The figures are preliminary.

The total number of applications also increased, from 2,478 in 2023 to 5,874 this year. The same person can apply for several programmes, but only accept one offer to study at a Finnish higher education institution.

The three information technology programmes in particular attracted almost 1 500 applications in total, and the “Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research” and “Teaching and Learning” programmes around 700 applications each.

“In terms of the number of applicants, this is probably Åbo Akademi University’s largest admission ever. There are even more applicants than for our Swedish-language bachelor’s and master’s programmes,” says Gurli-Maria Gardberg, Section head at Åbo Akademi University’s Educational Services.

Gardberg emphasises that the large number of international applicants is also a challenge.

“It is an enormous task to go through all the applications and select the applicants who have the prerequisites to study at Åbo Akademi University, and who genuinely want to study with us. The competition for students is fierce,” says Gardberg.

Other Finnish universities also report remarkable increases in applications to their English-language master’s programmes.

“The number of international applicants to Åbo Akademi University has increased significantly for several years. The reason for this trend is a complex issue that must be analysed at the national level, but it indicates that our programmes are relevant and of good quality and that our fees are also at a reasonable level,” says Gunilla Widén, Vice-Rector of Education at Åbo Akademi University.

“The education market is international and quite accessible, and we are part of it. Many young people are looking for study opportunities abroad, and more and more are also finding their way to Åbo Akademi University,” says Widén.

This year, Åbo Akademi University offers 227 places in twelve English-language master’s programmes.

This is the breakdown of applications (last year’s figures in brackets):

  • Advanced Practice Nursing, Master of Health Sciences, Vaasa 220 (126)
  • Governance of Digitalization, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Turku 566 (272)
  • Biomedical Imaging, Master of Science, Turku 293 (123)
  • Information Technology: Computer Engineering, Master of Science (Technology), Turku) 771 (322)
  • Information Technology: Computer Engineering, Master of Science (Technology), Vaasa 431 (206)
  • Information Technology: Computer Science, Master of Science (Technology), Åbo 813 (353)
  • International Law and Human Rights, Master of International and Comparative Law, Turku 487 (222)
  • Social Exclusion, Master of Arts, Turku 335 (118)
  • Social Exclusion, Master of Theology, Turku 101 (54)
  • Sustainable Chemical and Process Engineering, Master of Science (Technology), Turku 453 (171)
  • Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research, Master of Social Sciences, Vaasa 708 (211)
  • Teaching and Learning, Master of Arts (Education), Vaasa 696 (300)

The application pressure for the ÅAU-coordinated Erasmus Mundus programme EDISS also increased from 356 applicants in 2023 to 464 applicants this year. The programme admits 24-28 students.

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