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Living with the Sea – Annual Seminar 6-8 April 2022

Annual Seminar in Minority Studies 2022

The 7th annual minority seminar Living with the Sea will be co-organised in collaboration with the ÅAU strategic profiling area The Sea. The seminar takes place 6-8 April 2021. More information, including deadlines for the Call for Papers and registration can be found on the seminar home page.

Past Minority Profile Annual Seminars

The minority profile of Åbo Akademi University organises yearly seminars on topical issues, with a focus on complexities involved in the production and construction of minority positions and identities.

14-16 May 2021 Minority Experiences and European Narratives: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives. The seminar was organised together with the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives (EuroStorie) at the University of Helsinki. The seminar explored the multifaceted links between minority experiences and European narratives, both in the past and in the present. It also discussed how the idea of Europe has developed with reference to minority experiences in the official narratives of the policy papers produced under the auspices of the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Keynote speakers were: Huub van Baar (University of Giessen), Manuela Boatca (University of Freiburg), and Marie-Claire Foblets (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle).

Abstracts of the talks: Minority experiences seminar all abstracts

6-8 May 2020 Curriculums for Social Justice canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic

25 April 2019 Writing In, Writing Out – Historicizing Agency, Mobility and Positionality

The annual seminar of the Åbo Akademi University minority research profile explored histories and historiographies of minority positions. It traced practices of exclusion and inclusion, agency and mobility through archives and the materialities of class, race, body, gender and religion. How, what and whose stories are being told and untold – and by whom? How can they be told otherwise? Keynote speakers were: Milinda Banerjee (LMU Munich),  Mona Oraby (Amherst College), Åsa Bharathi Larsson (Uppsala University),  Daniel Blackie (University of Oulu), Miika Tervonen (Migration Institute of Finland), Gunlög Fur (Linnaeus University) Speaker Abstracts and Bios Minority Seminar 2019. The seminar was followed by a PhD workshop on April 26th.

8-9 March 2018 Interfacing Minorities: Creative Hybridity and Unexpected Environments

The Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology in conjunction with the Minority Research Profile hosted the interdisciplinary conference in collaboration with the Coimbra Group’s working group in Social Sciences and Humanities.

The emphasis was on positive outcomes, innovations, and solutions arising from the creative friction experienced by minority groups coming into contact with similarly positioned and larger communities. Themes included: ‘Minorities and New Narratives of Belonging’ and ‘Minorities and Commons’.

17 May 2017 What is minority? – Annual seminar in minority studies at Åbo Akademi

The aim of the seminar was to reflect on theoretical and methodological aspects of the concept of minority. It asked the following questions: what is minority? who defines minority? how are minorities constructed? should we define minority? how are minorities positioned?

20 May 2016 Seminar on Åbo Akademi University’s Minority Research

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