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Mathematics – research and personnel

Mathematics – research and personnel

Research Groups

Mathematics at Åbo Akademi University is actively engaged in high level research in functional analysis, stochastics, and applied mathematics.

Functional Analysis

The two main themes in the functional analysis group are the study of the structure of function spaces and their operators, and mathematical systems and control theory.

Stochastics and Mathematical Physics

The stochastics group is concerned with random models on lattices and the development of Markov process theory, in particular diffusions, Lévy processes, Markov chains and optimal stopping.


Christer Glader, University Lecturer in Mathematics, Docent
Research profile and publications

Research interests:
My field of interest is approximation theory in the complex domain, particularly constructive methods for approximation and interpolation by finite Blaschke products.

Alex Karrila, Senior University Lecturer in Mathematics, on leave (Postdoctoral Researcher, Academy of Finland)
Research profile and publications

Research interests:
My research interests lie in probability theory and mathematical (statistical) physics. The most important line of study concerns discrete random models on lattices, as well as the continuous models that (conjecturally) describe the discrete models on fine-mesh lattices at criticality. A first example is the random walk on the n-dimensional square lattice delta*Z^n with mesh size delta, which at the critical rate I(delta) of steps converges to the Brownian motion as the mesh size delta shrinks to zero.

Mikael Kurula, Head of Subject, Senior University Lecturer in Mathematics, Docent in Applied Mathematics, homepage
Reseach profile and publications

Research interests:
I research systems and control theory, mostly in the context of infinite-dimensional linear systems described by partial differential equations. At the time being, I am particularly interested in model-predictive control of passive boundary control/boundary observation systems.

István Prause, Professor in Mathematics, homepage
Research profile and publikations

Research interests:
I have research interests in complex analysis, quasiconformal methods, calculus of variations and in statistical mechanics. My current research is focused around limit shape phenomena. Large scale structures of many random systems develop a continuous deterministic limit. This is akin to formation of crystals, on a macroscopic scale a smooth and faceted shape arises from rough microscopic randomness.




Göran Högnäs, Professor Emeritus, Docent

Brita Jung, University Lecturer

Mikael Lindström, Professor Emeritus

Andreas Lundell, Docent in Applied Mathematics

Paavo Salminen, Professor Emeritus

Handbook of Brownian Motion – Facts and Formulae
By following this link you find a complete list of relevant changes/corrections made in the second edition of Handbook of Brownian Motion – Facts and Formulae, published in the year 2002 by Birkhäuser Verlag. These are incorporated into the corrected reprint of the second edition published in the year 2015. Any comments/questions can be addressed to Paavo Salminen (e-mail: phsalmin (at) abo.fi) and/or Andrei Borodin (e-mail: borodin (at) pdmi.ras.ru).

Olof Staffans, Professor Emeritus, homepage

David Stenlund

Tapio Westerlund, Professor Emeritus, Docent in Mathematics with Engineering Applications, homepage

Niklas Wikman, University Teacher

Tuomas Virtanen, Doctoral Student

Visiting address:

Henriksgatan 2
20500 Åbo

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