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Law – staff

Law – staff

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Head of School of Law

Markku Suksi, Professor in public law (Modenska professuren), Head of Subject Cluster for the School of Law, head of subject



Viljam Engström, Senior University Lecturer in public international law (head of subject)

Frida Bergenwall, Research Assistant, Institute for Human Rights

Angelica Conti, Project Assistant

Joachim Enkvist, University Teacher in law

Laura Ervo, Visiting Professor in procedural law

Johanna Friman, University Lecturer in jurisprudence

Katarina Frostell, Project Manager, Institute for Human Rights

Lisa Grans, Project Researcher, Institute for Human Rights

Raija Hanski, Editor, Institute for Human Rights

Mikaela Heikkilä, University Lecturer in public international law (head of bachelor of social science program)

Isabella Junkkari, Doctoral Researcher

Dionysia Kang, Doctoral Researcher

Chloe Kihlman, Research Assistant, Institute for Human Rights

Magdalena Kmak, Professor in international law migration and minority research

Julia Korkman, Professor of Practice in legal psychology

Niels Krabbe, Project Researcher

Catarina Krause, Deputry Director, Institute for Human Rights

Anna Lönngren, University Teacher in law

Maija Mustaniemi-Laakso, Project Researcher

Elina Sagne-Ollikainen, Research Assistant/Doctoral Researcher

Jaana Palander, Research Assistant

Elina Pirjatanniemi, Professor in criminal law

Stephen Philips, Research Assistant

Emilia Plichta, Project Coordinator

Mariya Riekkinen, Researcher

Henrik Ringbom, Professor in law of the sea

Michel Rouleau-Dick, Project Researcher

Yasmin Smaletdin, Project Coordinator

Björn Sandvik, Professor in private law

Karla Schörer, Doctoral Researcher

Alfred Streng, University Lecturer in commercial law

Markku Suksi, Professor in public law, Head of the School of Law

Meiraf Tesfaye, Doctoral Researcher

Rudolf Tommos, Trainee, Institute for Human Rights

Rakel Tiderman, Project Coordinator, Institute for Human Rights

Norbert Tóth, University lecturer in public international law

Birgitta Wahlberg, University Lecturer in public law

Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Professor in law

Tove Ahlskog-Pursuainen, doctoral student

Sören Silverström, Doctoral Student

Kristiina Vainio, Project Coordinator, Institute for Human Rights

Albert Vlodder, Doctoral Student



Peter Wetterstein, Professor emeritus

Hannu Honka, Professor emeritus

Jouni Honkola, Doctoral Researcher

Bengt Palmgren, Doctoral Researcher

Riku Virtanen, Doctoral Researcher



Public International Law

Staff at the Institute for Human Rights

Updated 13.6.2024