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Future refining of forest biomass

Åbo Akademi University’s Centre of Excellence 2015-2018 in the project Future Refining of Forest Biomass deals with developing new, sustainable production technologies for platform chemicals, fine and special chemicals, and chemicals and materials that promote health. The raw material used is biomass from Finnish forests.

The research is being carried out at Åbo Akademi University’s Process Chemistry Centre (PCC), an interdisciplinary research consortium combining cutting‐edge knowledge of forest biomass chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and catalysis and reaction engineering. Hemicellulose and lignin molecules are used as raw materials to create new, biodegradable components, for example for biodegradable chemicals and pharmaceutical products of the future.

The research project Future Refining of Forest Biomass is led by Professor of Chemical Reaction Technology Tapio Salmi.

Updated 21.11.2023