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ÅAU Fly Unit

ÅAU Fly Unit

Logo för Åbo Akademis Fly Unit.


Experiments in the fly lab
After introduction/training, researchers can perform experiments in the fly laboratory. Upon request, we can also perform experiments as a service.​

Maintenance of flies
We maintain many fly lines, such as control lines and GAL4-driver lines in our stock collection. We can also maintain customers fly lines in our stock collection.​

Import of flies
The ÅAU Fly Unit has import permission for flies from Europe, Japan and USA. We can select and order Drosophila strains from stock centres, including mutants, transgenic lines, RNAi-lines, and we can order custom-made transgenic and mutant flies.​

Stock centres for import of flies:​

Vienna Drosophila Resource Center
Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
KYOTO Stock Center​

Researchers working in the lab of ÅAU Fly Unit.

Custom generation of transgenic and mutant flies
The ÅAU Fly Unit can help with both planning and ordering transgenic flies, including gene insertions into landing sites and CRISPR mutant flies. We can support generation of plasmids needed for trangenesis and mutation. Injection of DNA to Drosophila embryos is performed as service by BestGene Inc. We can also help maintain the generated fly lines and design experiments and fly crosses needed for these, e.g. combination of ubiquitous and tissue-specific GAL4-drivers with UAS-transgenes.​

Updated 8.4.2024