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ÅAU Fly Unit

ÅAU Fly Unit

Logo för Åbo Akademis Fly Unit.


For maintenance and basic phenotype analysis:

  • Two workstations with stereo microscopes, external light sources and CO2 system for anesthetizing flies.
  • Humidity- and light-controlled fly incubators at varying temperatures (18°C, 25°C, 29°C).

For experimental setup:

  • Stereo microscopes for imaging flies/larvae, including mobile camera setup for taking color pictures of flies and/or their dissected tissues.
  • Axiovert brightfield microscope with phase contrast and fluorescence equipment, includes light sources for sorting green and red fluorescent flies/larvae
  • Inverted microscope for imaging fly samples prepared on microscope slides
  • MiniHypoxia chambers with adjustable O2 levels for hypoxia studies.
  • Water baths for heat shock treatments at the department
  • Equipment of handling, dissecting and preparing samples

    Researcher working in lab with fly unit.


Updated 8.4.2024