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Bild av Akademisalens podium

Proposals submission 11.4-15.5

Bild av Akademisalens podium

Proposals submission 11.4-15.5

Proposals submission


The application period for proposals for pre-seminar, theme group and symposium runs until 15.5.2023. Proposals are submitted on the following site: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/C33B2A3837BED3EC

Contact and inquiries:  kt-paivat2023@abo.fi 


We make the conference together! 

You are welcome to organize a thematic group or symposium for the FERA Conference on Education on November 23-24, 2023. You also have the opportunity to organize a pre-seminar on November 22, 2023. These sessions offer an excellent opportunity to present your research, create networks, and get new ideas. The submission of proposals for pre-seminar, thematic group, and symposium is open until May 15th, 2023. 

In relation to the conference theme Education and research in society – Society in education and research, we want to emphasize well-being, hope, education, and participation. We wish to spark discussions regarding the role of research in society, how research serves teaching practices and is beneficial to society. The theme of the conference is thus linked to three, partly overlapping, ongoing discussions concerning the usefulness of research and education, concerns about well-being and uncertainty in today’s society, and the question of the legitimacy of scientific knowledge. 

We welcome various proposals for theme groups and symposia related to the conference theme. 


The realization of sessions:  

As the session organizer, you decide how the session is realized. We welcome inspiring and activating approaches so that all participants can gain deeper understanding, new ideas for their own work or meet new collaboration partners. We challenge you to utilize activating and interactive sessions where junior and senior researchers can meet. Swedish, Finnish, Sami or English can be used as meeting languages.  

Reserve enough time for the presentations so that the presenters have opportunity to both present and discuss. The discussion can stimulate, for example, analytical, reflective, creative or critical thinking. It is also meaningful to summarize the discussion within the session. The thematic group and symposium sessions are 90 minutes long and a session can contain a maximum of 3-4 presentations. The length of the pre-seminars is determined by the organizers. 


Thematic group: In the thematic groups, thematically congruent content is discussed through prepared presentations. In the groups, both methodological, thematic and subject matters can be addressed.  

The thematic group organizers review the abstract proposals sent to their respective thematic group and draw up the timetable for the sessions in cooperation with the organizing committee. The tehmatic group organizers are responsible for the chairmanship and time management within the sessions. 


Symposium: A symposium focuses on a more defined scientific theme than in a thematic group. A symposium lasts 90 minutes and usually includes three or four presentations. The persons responsible for the symposium are responsible for the organization. The presenters are invited to the symposium and the presentations are chosen to create a thematically coherent whole.  

The symposium organizers act as chairs of the symposium. The chairs are responsible for ensuring that both the presenters and the audience have the opportunity to actively participate in the symposium. A discussant may also be invited to analyze and comment on the presentations before the general discussion and to present critical views on the theme. 


Pre-seminars: The pre-seminars can make important aspects of the conference theme visible by, e.g., popularizing science or targeting doctoral students. The timetable, content and working methods are determined by the persons responsible for the pre-seminar. 

Updated 6.4.2023