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FCT – Publications

FCT – Publications


Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of chitosan-treated viscose fibres
M Finšgar, T Ristić, P Fardim, LF Zemljič – Analytical biochemistry, 2018

Synthesis of xylan carbonates–An approach towards reactive polysaccharide derivatives showing self-assembling into nanoparticles
M Gericke, L Gabriel, K Geitel, S Benndorf, P Trivedi, P Fardim and Th Heinze – Carbohydrate polymers, 2018

Investigation of dissolved cellulose in development of buccal discs for oromucosal drug deliverys
E Yildir, E Sjöholm, M Preis, P Trivedi, J Trygg, P Fardim, N Sandler – Pharmaceutical development and technology, 2018

Journal cover. The image shows cellulose fibers modified with light-responsive multifunctional polysaccharide derivatives.
Cover image by LijiSobhana S. Sobhanadhas and Pedro Fardim. The image shows cellulose fibers modified with light-responsive multifunctional polysaccharide derivatives.

Topochemical Engineering of Cellulose-based Functional Materials

LSS Sobhanadhas, L Kesavan, P Fardim – Langmuir, 2018

Chitosan–Cellulose Multifunctional Hydrogel Beads: Design, Characterization and Evaluation of Cytocompatibility with Breast Adenocarcinoma and Osteoblast Cells
P Trivedi, T Saloranta-Simell, U Maver, L Gradišnik, N Prabhakar, J-H Smått, T Mohan, M Gericke, Th Heinze and Pedro Fardim – Bioengineering, 2018

Fabrication of 3D dual-layered nanofibrous graft loaded with layered double hydroxides and their effects in osteoblastic behavior for bone tissue engineering
G Ramanathan, L Sobhana, P Fardim, UT Sivagnanam – Process Biochemistry, 2018



Sustainable Organic–Inorganic Interfaces in Energy Applications
R Guterman, J Yuan, L Sobhana, P Fardim, S García-Mayo and G Salazar-Alvarez – Hybrid Organic‐Inorganic Interfaces: Towards Advanced Functional Materials, 2018


Sugarcane bagasse valorization by fractionation using a water-based hydrotropic process
K Gabov, J Hemming, P Fardim – Industrial Crops and Products, 2017

Evaluation of Yield and Lignin Extraction from Eucalyptus grandis× Eucalyptus urophylla Wood Chips with the Hydrotropic Compound Sodium Xylenesulphonate (SXS)
MA Vivian, FG da Silva Júnior, P Fardim, TES Segura – BioResources, 2017

Cellulose Fibre-Reinforced Biofoam for Structural Applications
J Obradovic, M Voutilainen, P Virtanen, L Lassila, P Fardim – Materials, 2017

Layered double hydroxide interfaced stearic acid–Cellulose fibres: A new class of super-hydrophobic hybrid materials
SSL Sobhana, X Zhang, L Kesavan, P Liias, P Fardim – Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and …, 2017

Supramolecular Design of Cellulose Hydrogel Beads
P Trivedi, J Schaller, J Gustafsson, P Fardim – Journal of Renewable Materials, 2017

Tailored Fabrication of Transferable and Hollow Weblike Titanium Dioxide Structures
A Hiltunen, K Lahtonen, J Saari, A Ojanperä, E Sarlin, H Wondraczek, A Efimov, K Kaunisto, P Vivo, C Maccato, D Barreca, P Fardim, N Tkachenko, M Valden, H Lemmetyinen – ChemPhysChem, 2017

F Zeinaly, A Saraeian, K Gabov, P Fardim – Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, 2017

ER Garmaroody, H Resalati, P Fardim, HJ Torshizi, H Rudi, SRJ Petroudy – Cellulose Chemistry & Technology, 2017

Preparation and Characterisation of Cellulose-Shellac Biocomposites
J Obradovic, F Petibon, P Fardim – BioResources, 2017

Fluorescent multifunctional polysaccharides for sustainable supramolecular functionalization of fibers in water
O Grigoray, H Wondraczek, A Pfeifer, P Fardim, T Heinze – ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017

Preparation, characterization and antimicrobial application of hybrid cellulose-lignin beads
K Gabov, T Oja, T Deguchi, A Fallarero, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2017


EPNOE 2017
P Fardim, CK Edgar, P Navard, T Heinze, Y Habibi et al – FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe, 2017


Tailored Fabrication of Transferable and Hollow Weblike Titanium Dioxide Structures
A Hiltunen, K Lahtonen, J Saari, A Ojanperä, E Sarlin, H Wondraczek, A Efimov, K Kaunisto, P Vivo, C Maccato, D Barreca, P Fardim, N Tkachenko, M Valden, H Lemmetyinen – ChemPhysChem, 2016

Advanced Cellulose Fibers for Efficient Immobilization of Enzymes
IB Vega Erramuspe, E Fazeli, T Näreoja, J Trygg, P Hänninen,  T Heinze, P Fardim – Biomacromolecules, 2016

Heteronuclear nanoparticles supported hydrotalcites containing Ni (II) and Fe (III) stable photocatalysts for Orange II degradation
L Sobhana, R Mehedi, M Malmivirta, P Paturi, M Lastusaari, M M Dîrtu, Y Garcia, P Fardim – Applied Clay Science, 2016

Controlled depolymerisation of cellulose to a given degree of polymerisation

Layered double hydroxides decorated with Au-Pd nanoparticles to photodegradate Orange II from water
L Sobhana, M Sarakha, V Prevot, P Fardim – Applied Clay Science, 2016

Synthesis of novel zwitterionic cellulose beads by oxidation and coupling chemistry in water
P Trivedi, J Trygg, T Saloranta, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2016

Cellulose biotemplates for layered double hydroxides networks
SSL Sobhana, DR Bogati, M Reza, J Gustafsson, P Fardim – Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2016

Applications of ToF-SIMS in Surface Chemistry Analysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass: A Review
HY Mou, S Wu, P Fardim – BioResources, 2016

Book chapter: A Novel Green Biomass Fractionation Technology: Hydrotropic Pretreatment
H Mou, P Fardim, S Wu – Biomass fractionation Technologies for a Lignocellulosic Feedstock Based Biorefinery, 2016


O Tuovinen, P Fardim – O PAPEL, 2015

Nanoengineering of Hybrid Lightweight Cellulosic Fibre Foams for better Flame Resistance
C Lange, JE Eriksson, J Lehmonen, M Tuominen, P Ek, P Fardim – Journal of Nanoscience with Advanced Technology, 2015

Wood quality of Pinus taeda and Pinus sylvestris for kraft pulp production
MA Vivian, TES Segura, EA Bonfatti Júnior, C Sarto, F Schmidt, FG da Silva Junior, K Gabov, P Fardim – Scientia Forestalis, 2015

Preparation of reactive fibre interfaces using multifunctional cellulose derivatives
B Vega, H Wondraczek, L Bretschneider, T Näreoja, P Fardim, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2015

In Situ Hybridization of Pulp Fibers Using Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides
CE Lange, M Lastusaari, M Reza, SK Latifi, P Kallio, P Fardim – Fibers, 2015

Topochemical characterization of sugar cane pretreated with alkaline sulfite
FM Mendes, E Heikkilä, MB Fonseca, AMF Milagres, A Ferraz, P Fardim – Industrial Crops and Products, 2015

High-pressure Treatment of DMAc/LiCl Swollen Softwood Pulp
J Obradovic, P Fardim, L Lassila, P Navard, D Kronlund – BioResources, 2015

Photocontrol of Mechanical Properties of Pulp Fibers and Fiber‐to‐Fiber Bonds via Self‐Assembled Polysaccharide Derivatives
O Grigoray, H Wondraczek, S Daus, K Kühnöl, SK Latifi, P Saketi, P Fardim, P Kallio, T Heinze – Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2015

Solid‐State Properties and Controlled Release of Ranitidine Hydrochloride from Tailored Oxidised Cellulose Beads
J Trygg, E Yildir, R Kolakovic, N Sandler, P Fardim – Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2015

Book chapter: Advances in Sugar-based Polymers: Xylan and its Derivatives for Surface Modification of Pulp Fibres
B Vega, O Grigoray, J Gustafsson, P Fardim – Biomass Sugars for Non-Fuel Applications, 2015


Characterization of Lignin Extracted from Birch Wood by a Modified Hydrotropic Process
K Gabov, R Gosselink, AI Smeds, P Fardim – Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2014

Preparation of three-dimensional cellulose objects previously swollen in a DMAc/LiCl solvent system
J Obradovic, H Wondraczek, P Fardim, L Lassila, P Navard – Cellulose, 2014

Automated Drop-on-Fiber contact angle measurement using a microrobotic platform
P Saketi, J Hirvonen, Y Lai, C Ganser, C Teichert, J Järnström, P Fardim, P Kallio- Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal, 2014, 225-231

Multifunctional cellulose beads and their interaction with Gram positive bacteria
LS Blachechen, P Fardim, DFS Petri – Biomacromolecules, 2014

Photoresponsive cellulose fibers by surface modification with multifunctional cellulose derivatives
O Grigoray, H Wondraczek, E Heikkilä, P Fardim, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2014

Modification of Pine Pulp during Oxygen Delignification by Xylan Self-Assembly
O Grigoray, J Järnström, E Heikkilä, P Fardim, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2014

Anionic cellulose beads for drug encapsulation and release
J Trygg, E Yildir, R Kolakovic, N Sandler, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2014

Topochemistry of Environmentally Friendly Pretreatments To Enhance Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Sugar Cane Bagasse to Fermentable Sugar
H Mou, E Heikkilä, P Fardim – Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2014

Pretreatment of Corn Stover with the Modified Hydrotropic Method To Enhance Enzymatic Hydrolysis
H Mou, B Li, P Fardim – Energy & Fuels, 2014

Potential Applications of Hybrid Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Particles in Pulp and Paper Production
S von Haartman, E Heikkilä, C Lange, P Fardim- Bioresources, 2014

Multi-technique surface characterization of bio-based films from sisal cellulose and its esters: a FE-SEM, μ-XPS and ToF-SIMS approach
BVM Rodrigues, E Heikkilä, E Frollini, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2014

Preparation and characterization of new mouldable cellulose-AESO biocomposites
J Narewska, L Lassila, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2014


Topochemistry of alkaline, alkaline-peroxide and hydrotropic pretreatments of common reed to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency
HY Mou, E Heikkilä, P Fardim – Bioresource technology, 2013

Pyrolysis of beet pulp in a fluidized bed reactor
A Aho, M Käldström, N Kumar, K Eränen, M Hupa, B. Holmbom, T.Salmi, P.Salmi, P.Fardim, D.Yu. Murzin – Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2013

The antitumor lignan Nortrachelogenin sensitizes prostate cancer cells to TRAIL-induced cell death by inhibition of the Akt pathway and growth factor signaling E. Peuhu, P. Paul, M. Remes, T. Holmbom, P. Eklund, R. Sjöholm, J.E. Eriksson – Biochemical Pharmacology, 2013

Low Consistency Refining of Eucalyptus Pulp: Effects on Surface Chemistry and Interaction with FWAs
HY Mou, B Li, E Heikkilä, E Iamazaki, H Zhan, P Fardim – BioResources, 2013

Charge-directed fiber surface modification by molecular assemblies of functional polysaccharides
B Vega, H Wondraczek, CSP Zarth, E Heikkilä, P Fardim, T Heinze – Langmuir, 2013

Tailored beads made of dissolved cellulose-investigation of their drug release properties
E Yildir, R Kolakovic, N Genina, J Trygg, M Gericke, L Hanski, H Ehlers, J Rantanen, M Tenho, P Vuorela, P Fardim, N Sandler – International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2013

Topochemical activation of pulp fibres
ET Iamazaki, E Orblin, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2013

Topochemical pretreatment of wood biomass to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of polysaccharides to sugars
H Mou, E Orblin, K Kruus, P Fardim – Bioresource Technology, 2013

Hydrotropic Fractionation of Birch Wood into Cellulose and Lignin: A New Step Towards Green Biorefinery
K Gabov, P Fardim, FG da Silva Júnior – BioResources, 2013

Studies on the structure of coumarin-modified dextran nanoparticles by fluorescence spectroscopy
H Wondraczek, A Kotiaho, M Niemi, P Fardim, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2013

Reconstruction and characterization of grinding wheel and grit topography from scanning electron microscopy stereo micrographs with digital photogrammetry
O Tuovinen, T Björkqvist, P Fardim – O Papel, 2013

Functional Cellulose Beads: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications
M Gericke, J Trygg, P Fardim – Chemical reviews, 2013

P Reyes, R Teixeira Mendonca, J Rodrígues, P Fardim, B Vega – Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society, 2013

Advanced Studies on the Topochemistry of Softwood Fibres in Low-Consistency Refining as Analyzed by FE-SEM, XPS, and ToF-SIMS
H Mou, E Iamazaki, H Zhan, E Orblin, P Fardim – BioResources, 2013

Extraction and characterization of hemicelluloses from Pinus radiata and its feasibility for bioethanol production
P Reyes, RT Mendonça, MG Aguayo, J Rodríguez, B Vega, P Fardim – Revista Árvore, 2013

Nanoparticles from conventional cellulose esters: evaluation of preparation methods
H Wondraczek, K Petzold-Welcke, P Fardim, T Heinze – Cellulose, 2013

Hybrid clay functionalized biofibres for composite applications
C Lange, F Touaiti, P Fardim – Composites Part B: Engineering, 2013

Physicochemical design of the morphology and ultrastructure of cellulose beads
J Trygg, P Fardim, M Gericke, E Mäkilä, J Salonen – Carbohydrate polymers, 2013


Probing the chemical and surface chemical modification of vessel cell walls during bleaching of eucalyptus pulp
E Orblin, N Lindström, P Fardim – Holzforschung, 2012

N Lindström, P Fardim – O PAPEL, 2012

Ionic liquids-promising but challenging solvents for homogeneous derivatization of cellulose
M Gericke, P Fardim, T Heinze – Molecules, 2012

Modification of kraft pulp fibers by fungal pre-treatment of Iranian hornbeam chips
ER Garmaroody, H Resalati, P Fardim – International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 2012

Hydrophobisation of mechanical pulp fibres with sodium dodecyl sulphate functionalised layered double hydroxide particles
C Lange, T Lundin, P Fardim – Holzforschung, 2012

Studies on the fibre surfaces modified with xylan polyelectrolytes
B Vega, K Petzold-Welcke, P Fardim, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2012

Studies on the tosylation of cellulose in mixtures of ionic liquids and a co-solvent
M Gericke, J Schaller, T Liebert, P Fardim, F Meister, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2012

Book chapter: What do we know about birch bark?
J Gustafsson, K Gabov, P Fardim -Promoting Natural Materials, 2012


Enhancement of cellulose dissolution in water-based solvent via ethanol-hydrochloric acid pretreatment
J Trygg, P Fardim – Cellulose, 2011

Surface chemistry of vessel elements by FE-SEM, μ-XPS and ToF-SIMS
E Orblin, V Eta, P Fardim – Holzforschung, 2011

Interactions between cationic polyelectrolyte and pulp fines
E Orblin, P Fardim – BioResources, 2011

The effects of fungi pre-treatment of poplar chips on the kraft fiber properties
ER Garmaroody, H Resalati, P Fardim, SZ Hosseini – Bioresource Technology, 2011

Photoactive polysaccharides
H Wondraczek, A Kotiaho, P Fardim, T Heinze – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2011

Book: Chemical Pulping Part 1: Fibre Chemistry and Technology
Ed. P Fardim, 2011

Book chapter: Pulping
J Gustafsson, R Alén, J Engström, R. Korpinen, P Kuusisto, A Leavitt, K Olsson, J Piira, A Samuelsson, J Sundquist – Chemical Pulping Part 1: Fibre Chemistry and Technology, 2011


Surface chemistry of deinked pulps as analysed by XPS and ToF‐SIMS
E Orblin, P Fardim – Surface and interface analysis, 2010

Synthesis and characterization of new CaCO3/cellulose nanocomposites prepared by controlled hydrolysis of dimethylcarbonate
C Vilela, CSR Freire, PAAP Marques, T Trindade, P Neto, P Fardim – Carbohydrate Polymers, 2010

Effect of Enzymatic Treatment on Solubility of Cellulose in 7.6% NaOH-Water and Ionic Liquid
P Rosenberg, T Budtova, M Rom, P Fardim – ACS symposium series, 2010


RI Korpinen, PE Fardim – BioResources, 2009

R Korpinen, P Fardim – O Papel, 2009

Energy analysis in low consistency refining of Softwood
T Lundin, F Wurlitzer, S W Park, P Fardim – O’Papel, 2009


Fiber trapping in low-consistency refining: new parameter to describe the refining process
T Lundin, W Batchelor, P Fardim – Tappi J, 2008

Composition of callus resin of Norway spruce, Scots pine, European larch and Douglas fir
T Holmbom, M Reunanen, P Fardim – Holzforschung, 2008

Black liquor impregnation of Scots pine sawdust and chip screenings
RI Korpinen, TEM Hultholm, BK Lonnberg, PE Fardim – Appita Journal, 2008

Wood chip screenings as a source of energy, kraft pulp and functional chemicals: a Nordic perspective s
R Korpinen, P Fardim – O Papel, 2008

An investigation into topographic changes in pulpstone grits and their impact on pulp quality during the stabilization process
O Tuovinen, P Fardim, B LÖNNBERG – Paperi ja puu, 2008

New cellulose derivatives from wood for high value products
M Ek, S Karlsson, P Fardim, SL Maunu, P Nousiainen… – TAPPSA Journal, 2008

New cellulose beads from Biocelsol solution
P Rosenberg, M Rom, J Janicki, P Fardim – Cellulose Chemistry & Technology, 2008


Characterization and evaluation of the hydrolytic stability of trifluoroacetylated cellulose fibers
AG Cunha, CSR Freire, AJD Silvestre, CP Neto, Alessandro Gandini, E Orblin, P Fardim – Journal of colloid and interface science, 2007

Analysis of wood tissues by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
EN Tokareva, AV Pranovich, P Fardim, G Daniel, B Holmbom – Holzforschung, 2007

Bi-phobic cellulose fibers derivatives via surface trifluoropropanoylation
AG Cunha, CSR Freire, AJD Silvestre, CP Neto, A Gandini, E Orblin, P Fardim – Langmuir, 2007

Molecular Assembly in Kraft Pulping of Eucalyptus
Pedro Fardim, Nelson Duran-O Papel, 2007

Imaging of wood tissue by ToF-SIMS: Critical evaluation and development of sample preparation techniques
EN Tokareva, P Fardim, AV Pranovich, HP Fagerholm, G Daniel, B Holmbom – Applied surface science, 2007

Highly hydrophobic biopolymers prepared by the surface pentafluorobenzoylation of cellulose substrates
AG Cunha, CSR Freire, AJD Silvestre, CP Neto, A Gandini, E Orblin, P Fardim – Biomacromolecules, 2007

Tailored cellulose beads for novel applications
P Rosenberg, I Suominen, M Rom, J Janicki, P Fardim – Cellulose Chemistry & Technology, 2007

Ultrastructural aspects of fibre development during the stone groundwood process: New insights into derived pulp properties
D Fernando, P Rosenberg, E Persson, G Daniel – Holzforschung, 2007


Surface characterization by XPS, contact angle measurements and ToF-SIMS of cellulose fibers partially esterified with fatty acids
CSR Freire, AJD Silvestre, C Pascoal Neto, A Gandini, P Fardim, B Holmbom – Journal of colloid and interface science, 2006

A method to estimate fiber trapping in low-consistency refining
W Batchelor, T Lundin, P Fardim – Tappi journal, 2006

Critical comparison of methods for surface coverage by extractives and lignin in pulps by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
P Fardim, AH Hultén, JP Boisvert, LS Johansson, M Ernstsson, JM Campbell, A Lejeune, B Holmbom, J Laine, D Gray – Holzforschung, 2006

Development of sawdust cooking
R Korpinen, T Hultholm, B Lönnberg, S Achrén – Appita Journal, 2006


Anionic groups on cellulosic fiber surfaces investigated by XPS, FTIR-ATR, and different sorption methods
P Fardim, T Moreno, B Holmbom – Journal of colloid and interface science, 2005

Determination of mechanical and optical properties of eucalyptus kraft pulp by NIR spectrometry and multivariate calibration
P Fardim, MMC Ferreira, N Durán – Journal of wood chemistry and technology, 2005

ToF-SIMS imaging: a valuable chemical microscopy technique for paper and paper coatings
P Fardim, B Holmbom – Applied surface science, 2005

An XPS round robin investigation on analysis of wood pulp fibres and filter paper
LS Johansson, JM Campbell, P Fardim, AH Hultén, J-P Boisvert, M Ernstsson – Surface science, 2005

Influences of surface chemical composition on the mechanical properties of pulp as investigated by SEM, XPS and multivariate data analysis
P Fardim, N Durán – Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, 2005

Extractives on fiber surfaces investigated by XPS, ToF-SIMS and AFM
P Fardim, J Gustafsson, S von Schoultz, J Peltonen, Bjarne Holmbom – Colloids and Surfaces A, 2005

Origin and surface distribution of anionic groups in different papermaking fibres
P Fardim, B Holmbom – Colloids and Surfaces A, 2005

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