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The Docent title at Åbo Akademi University

Each Docent is valued by Åbo Akademi University, and Åbo Akademi University is valuable for each Docent

A Docent has authored a doctoral dissertation and a number of other publications, and has been evaluated by at least two external researchers, who usually are professors. A Docent possesses knowledge that complements the existing knowledge within the relevant discipline at ÅAU. A Docent’s knowledge is valuable because all disciplines are growing rapidly, thus making it impossible for any single individual to master everything. A Docent’s know-how and competence provide students and researchers with new knowledge contributing to their expertise.

Docents have also been assessed in terms of their teaching skills. Many have years of experience in teaching while others have completed studies in university pedagogy and gained a profound understanding of how to set up and carry out teaching. Docents will, even in this respect, add to the overall competence of the staff within the subject.

Many Docents have a career in business life and industry, and contribute to the subject by providing new contacts through their networks. With their qualifications and competence, they can participate as experts and advisers in specific task within the subject.

Åbo Akademi University is valuable for a Docent as it provides an environment where the search for knowledge is of essence. To be engaged in continuous development of one’s own ideas and methods is enriching in many ways.

A Title of Docent is awarded by the Chancellor of Åbo Akademi University Carl G Gahmberg upon application. Read more about the criteria and application process and consider applying for a Title of Docent!




Updated 15.1.2020