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Procurements at Åbo Akademi University

Procurements at Åbo Akademi University

Current large procurements

Åbo Akademi publishes procurements that are included in the scope of application of the Procurement Act, i.e. those procurements that exceed the national thresholds and the EU thresholds in HILMA. In connection with the procurement announcement, there is a link to Åbo Akademi’s tender requests in the Cloudia Supplier Portal service. To get a username and password, you can register for the service. Registration is free.

Current small procurements

Small procurements, i.e. procurements below national thresholds are published here on Åbo Akademi’s website.

The tender period has been extended until 7th September 2023 at 15:00

Anbudsförfrågan, Förpackningsmaterial för arkivbruk, NY

Bilaga 1, JYSE varor

Bilaga 2, Prisbilaga

Updated 17.8.2023