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The Theme Network Habitability

The Theme Network Habitability

The Archipelago Institute at Åbo Akademi University (Skärgårdsinstitutet vid Åbo Akademi) has been granted funding for the thematic network Habitability for 2022–2023. The funding was granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment through the The Regional Council of Southwest Finland.

Partners in the thematic network are 12 Leader groups with archipelago areas, as well as the National Association of Finnish Islands. The project also works in close collaboration with the national Island policy Committee.

The Habitability theme network will:

  • use the concept of habitability as a tool to strengthen archipelago communities and, in the long run, increase the islands’ attractiveness and immigration potential.
  • lay the foundations for a well functioning, nationwide network at grassroots level.

Within the thematic network, the Archipelago Institute arranges training, workshops and meetings on habitability in the participating archipelago areas.

The theme network is bilingual (Swedish/Finnish) and works as a bridge between the different language areas in Finland. The information about the theme network and its activities is mainly presented in Swedish and in Finnish on these web pages.

Habitability-verkostosta suomeksi.

Om Habitability-nätverket på svenska.



Project leader
Pia Prost
pia.prost@abo.fi | +358 50 338 1710.

Cecilia Lundberg
cecilia.lundberg@abo.fi | +358 2 215 4950.

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Updated 21.3.2023