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University Services

University Services

University Services support the core operations, i.e. teaching and research, of Åbo Akademi University. University Services is led by Director Heidi Backman with the support of the University Services Executive Group.

Heidi Backman
Heidi Backman

Heidi Backman, Director of University Services 
Phone: +358 40 590 7297
E-mail: heidi.backman@abo.fi

University Services consist of the following units:

Research Services

Mats Lindfelt, Director of Research Services
Phone: +358 50 361 9381
E-mail: mats.lindfelt@abo.fi

Education Services

Lena Nybond, Director of Education Services
Phone: +358 50 592 5518
E-mail: lena.nybond@abo.fi

Personnel Services (HR)

Mika Wulff, Director of HR Services
Phone: (02) 215 4102 or +358 500 78 7794
E-mail: mika.wulff@abo.fi

ICT Services

Päivi Soinio, Director of ICT-services
Phone: +358 400 926 942
E-mail: paivi.soinio@abo.fi

Facilities Management

Timo Bäckman, Director of Facilities Management
Phone: +358 50 463 3546
E-mail: timo.backman@abo.fi

Management and Faculty Support Services

Management and Faculty Support Services include the following functions:

The Communications team is responsible for communications, marketing, external relations, fundraising and alumni activities. The team is led by Communications Manager Thurid Eriksson.

Thurid Eriksson, Communications Manager
Phone: +358 40 053 4430
E-mail: thurid.eriksson@abo.fi

Quality and learning support
The team supports quality management, the development of university teaching and learning and the planning and monitoring of activities. The team is led by the Director of University Services.

Faculty Support
Faculty Support includes an administrative team for each faculty. Each team is headed by a Head of Faculty Administration. The team of Heads of Faculty Administration is led by the Director of University Services.

Updated 31.1.2022