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Åbo Akademi University 50 years in Vaasa

Contact the jubilee committee:


Do you have questions regarding the jubilee? Do you have ideas on events or similar regarding the festive year? Please contact aboakademivasa50@abo.fi
or your representative:

Lisbeth Fagerström, rector in Vaasa
Michaela Pörn(FPV)
Kaj Björkqvist (FPV)
Sven-Erik Hansén (FPV)
Bernt Klockars (VÖS)
Klas Backholm (FSEJ)
Andreas Lundell (FNT)
Yvonne Backholm-Nyberg (Experience Lab)
Viveca Rabb (ÅAB)
Camilla Forsberg (CLL)
Vanessa Björklund (ÅAS)
Madeleine Storm (FPV)
Catrin Sandvik (communications)

use firstname.lastname@abo.fi

Students: please contact Vanessa Björklund


For the media:

Click here for the logotype.

In the media bank, please use search words ”Vasa 50”.


Updated 13.12.2023