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Housing in Turku and Vaasa

Housing in Turku and Vaasa

There is a large variety of housing possibilities in Turku and in Vaasa.

The housing market in University cities is however very seasonal and especially during August and September, when all new degree students start their studies, finding housing might be a little tricky.

Please check the links provided on this page as early as you can. If you do not find another solution, you can book short-time accommodation at a hostel for the first week(s).  This will allow you to look for an apartment on the spot, and make the necessary arrangments for renting a flat for a longer period.

Basic information about renting an apartment in Finland

  • Apartments for rent can be found via the city, real estate agents or private landlords.
  • The rent varies depending on the location, size and type of the flat. The rent for an unfurnished studio or two-room apartment is around 600 – 750 € / month near the campus area in Turku, and a little less in Vaasa. For a furnished flat the rent is higher. Normally, rent includes heating but not electricity and water.
  • Apartments are usually rented unfurnished, which means that you will need to buy/bring furniture, cooking ware and textiles yourself. Kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and stove are however always incorporated in the kitchen and included in the rent.
  • Tenancy agreements are typically signed for a minimum of 12 months. Furnished apartments can usually be rented for shorter periods of time.
  • It is common practice to ask for a rental deposit of 1 – 2 months rent when making the rental agreement. You will be returned the deposit when the agreement ends, provided that the apartment is in good shape.
  • It is recommendable to get a private home insurance. For some landlords, this might even be a requirement for renting the apartment.

Furnished apartments

  • Kalustettuasunto.fi
  • Kotimaailma
  • Airbnb
  • Forenom
    Forenom is a private agency specialising in offering temporary accommodation for shorter periods. Forenom offers a lot of different options, from studio apartments to detached houses, and from very basic rooms to high-class apartments. Forenom is flexible with the starting and ending dates of the lease and prices include water and electricity. Services to help your day-to-day life (for example, cleaning services) are also available. You can book an apartment online.
  • Vaasa Apartments (in Vaasa)

Other rental properties

  • Vuokraovi.com
    Vuokraovi.com is the most comprehensive online marketplace for rental properties in Finland.
  • VVO 
    VVO is a public limited liability company specialising in housing rental services. VVO develops, markets and manages its own real estate properties. The company  has over 40,000 rental apartments in Finland.

In Turku:

  • Åbo Akademi University Foundation (Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi)
    The Åbo Akademi University Foundation, a foundation independent from Åbo Akademi University, maintains and funds institutes, museums and establishments within research and culture, and awards scholarships, grants, contributions and prizes. The Foundation owns and manages university properties, commercial properties, and rental flats (information in Swedish).
    TVT Asun­not Oy is a real es­ta­te com­pa­ny ow­ned by the Ci­ty of Tur­ku. TVT offers safe and affordable rental homes. There is a wide variety of residential options in blocks of flats, terraced houses and small private homes throughout Turku.
  • Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) (for doctoral candidates and researchers)
    The Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) maintains student housing in Turku. TYS offers a wide selection of different housing options around Turku; studios, shared apartments and larger family apartments. Doctoral candidates and researchers can apply for housing from TYS, but should know that regular students are prioritized in the selection.
  • Student Union of Åbo Akademi University (ÅAS) (for doctoral candidates who are members of the Student Union)
    ÅAS administers accommodation for students in Tavasthem located on the campus of Åbo Akademi University. The minimum time for renting a flat is one year. Doctoral candidates who are members of the Student Union can apply for a flat. Please note that the information provided and rental agreement will be in Swedish.

In Vaasa:

  • Apartments in Vaasa
    On the City of Vasa/Vaasa website you will find a list of private companies renting apartments in Vaasa. The list is in Finnish, but you can see the contact information of the companies and direct links to their websites.
  • VOAS Student Housing Foundation (for doctoral candidates)
    VOAS rents out shared apartments, studios and family apartments. The apartments are located in various parts of Vasa/Vaasa. The rental of nearly all apartments include a data network connection and electricity. Doctoral candidates can apply for housing from VOAS, but should know that regular students are prioritized in the selection.

Hostels, guesthouses and other temporary accommodation options

Some of the hostels and guesthouses offer also long-term accommodation, so do no hesitate to ask for longer renting options.

In Turku:

  • Guesthouse Tapuli
    Tapuli is a small and cozy guesthouse that is located near university, hospital and technology center. Close to Kupittaa railwaystation and 1 km to the marketplace.
  • Inn 22
    Inn 22 is a cozy and tranquile vacation residence close to the city center of Turku. The university and the hospital are within a walking distance.
  • Tuure
    Bed & Breakfast Tuure is a cosy guest house and affordable accommodation in the city centre of Turku.
  • Linnasmäki
    Conference Hotel and Hostel Linnasmäki, in partnership with the Turku Christian Institute, offers hostel and hotel accommodation year-round in a peaceful, historic location in a beautiful natural environment only about four kilometres from the campus.
  • The Brigettine Sisters Monastery Guesthouse
    The Brigettine Sisters’ Monastery of Turku is a small catholic monastery. Monasteries have traditionally hosted guests and this monastery hosts a guest house with a capacity of 50 beds. It is located in the centre of Turku. In addition to its guest house, the Brigettine Sisters have a dormitory with 10 rooms for female students.
  • Hostel S/S Bore
    The S/S Bore cruise ship was built in 1960 and was cruising between Finland and Sweden, and also in the Mediterranean, until 2010. Since 2011, it hosts a hostel and a museum. On board there are 130 cabins for 1–4 persons. The hostel services include 24h reception, laundry facilities, luggage storage, and bicycle hire as well as wireless internet. Bed linen, a towel and buffet breakfast, as well as morning sauna, are included in the price.
  • Omena Hotel Turku
    Omena Hotels is a family-owned hotel company functioning in six cities in Finland. Omena hotel Turku provides you with comfortable and well-equipped hotel rooms at affordable prices, in the city centre.
  • Visit Turku
    Visit Turku is a marketing and sales organisation that provides tourism services for travellers.

In Vasa/Vaasa:

  • Visit Vaasa
    In the Visit Vaasa pages you will find some alternatives for accomodation in Vaasa.

Updated 12.2.2020