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Living and Working in Finland

Living and Working in Finland

Here we have gathered some useful links that can be relevant for you as a newcomer in Finland.

General information

This is Finland
Moving to and living in Finland
Welcome to Finland (guide by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland)
Hallå Norden (for Nordic citizens moving within the Nordic countries)
Visit Turku
Visit Vaasa

Family matters

Family issues by Euraxess
Family issues by Infofinland

Social Insurance and Health Care

Basic information on Finnish social insurance and health care

Working in Finland

Rules to working life in Finland


Basic information on taxes

Life in Turku

City of Turku

Friendship Programme
Are you interested in getting to know more about the Finnish way of life? The Friendship Programme is organised by the higher education institutions in Åbo/Turku.

Science Café
Science Cafés are English-language science-oriented public discussion events. The talks are designed to be suitable for audiences of any background. Each Cafe event is based around an expert of a particular field explaining the subject of their research or an interesting phenomenon in an engaging and thought-provoking, yet easily understandable way.

Expat Turku Network
Expat Turku Network is a voluntary based initiative, driven by its members with some support from the universities in Turku, World Trade Center Turku and Turku Chamber of Commerce. ETN welcomes anyone having moved to Turku to work or conduct research at one of the universities, and is open to also their partners and Finns with an international mindset. ETN meets at least once a month and various activities are organised such as company visits, cultural events, leisure activities, etc.

Life in Vaasa

City of Vaasa

Updated 4.11.2022