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In Preparation for the Conferral Ceremony 2022

In Preparation for the Conferral Ceremony 2022

The next doctoral conferral ceremony at Åbo Akademi University will be arranged on Friday 20 May 2022. In preparation for the conferral, registration forms, practical instructions, etc, will be available on this webpage.

Registration form for promovendi

Binding registration to participate in the doctoral conferral ceremony no later than 28 January, 2021 by using the online form at

  • When registering you will be asked to submit your biographical data for the conferral book, which contains information about the honorary doctors as well as short curriculum vitæ of each participating promovendi.
  • ÅAU will place a general order for the doctoral swords. When registering for the conferral, kindly indicate whether you wish us to order a sword for you . The doctoral sword is carried by Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of Philosophy (Education), Doctors of Psychology and Doctors of Health Sciences.

Letters to promovendi

As a promovendi, participating in the doctoral conferral ceremony 2022, you will get information letters with important  information and instructions. These letters will be available for downloading on this webpage (pdf, opens in new window) .

Letter 1 (November 2021)

Ordering of doctoral hat

Doctoral promovendi order and pay for their own doctoral hat. We recommend that you order your hat as soon as possible (preferably no later than January) to make sure it wil be ready on time. We have collected contact information and hat prices for a number of hat makers – you will find them under Ordering of doctoral hat for conferral 2022.

Pictures of doctoral hats for each doctoral degree are available on the page Doctoral hats and lyre emblems.


All promovendi that are conferred at Åbo Akademi University wear a doctoral hat and receive a diploma. For some doctoral degrees e.g. a doctoral sword is part of the insignia. For a complete description of the insigina for each doctoral degree, please see Insignia.


Information on hotels in Turku with a reserved quota of rooms for ÅAU promovendi is available under Accomodation for conferral ceremony participants 2022.

Updated 2.12.2021