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Doctoral conferral attire

Doctoral conferral attire

Below instructions regarding attire for doctoral conferrals.

Concert Hall


Attire for both promovendi and those intending to take part in the conferral procession
  • for men tail suit with black waistcoat, no patent shoes, no white handkerchief, no gloves
  • for ladies long black dress or long black skirt and black jacket (alternatively black trouser suit or black skirt suit – with black stockings – of good quality), white blouse, black shoes, no gloves, no handbag
  • order decorations in the original
  • rectors shall wear, in addition, the rector’s gown and chain or other official clothing
Doctoral sword

The doctoral swords are fitted with a buttonhole for attachment to apparel. Please ensure, therefore, that trousers are fitted with a corresponding extra button on the left side and at waste height. Female promovendi should likewise fit their dresses with a belt or some other form of reinforcement in order to prevent damage to clothing.

Attire for other invited guests
  • for men: dark suit
  • for ladies: knee long and not necessarily dark dress (alternatively trouser suit or skirt suit), no hat
  • order decorations in the original


The Banquet


  • for men: tail suit with white waistcoat, white handkerchief for those not wearing order decorations, patent shoes allowed
  • for women: festive attire (long dress/evening gown, preferably not black)
  • order decorations in original
  • swords will not be taken to the banquet
  • hats are not worn in the banquet-hall

Updated 10.3.2022