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Baltic University Programme turns 30 in 2021 and will revisit it’s past with a series of on-line seminars. The series is called Space ridges 2.0. The 1st session, on January 28, has focus on the post-Cold War environmental development of the Baltic Sea. Among others, Assistant Professor Anna Törnroos-Remes from Åbo Akademi University will participate in the programme by looking into the future of the Baltic Sea. The series continues with one seminar each month the whole of 2021.


The concept of Space Bridges, was an early form telecommunication between two geographic location, that was implemented between the USA and Soviet Union in the early 1980’s. It reminds much of today’s video conference, with the different being that we today use the internet. The BUP implemented the technology between 1990-1995, when a series of online lectures and seminars were held between different locations in the region. These Space Bridges was one of the main activities in the BUP’s early history and inspired our logo, with the Space Bridge satellite shedding the light of knowledge over our region.

During 2021 the BUP space bridge, version 2.0, will connect two universities in the region at the time, with you having the possibility to participate from wherever you might be. All you need is an internet connection!

You can either join the session by registering for a zoom link, or watch the livestream of the session on the BUP’s youtube page.

For more information, please visit BUP Finland’s web page.