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Restrictions on student admission

Restrictions on student admission

In order to promote patient and client safety as well as the safety of minors, restrictions will be applied to student admission starting from the beginning of 2012. Such restrictions will pertain to the following fields: medicine, dentistry, logopedics, psychology, pharmacy, social work and teacher education. Admission to the above fields requires that the applicants’ state of health and ability to function allow them to complete practical tasks and training related to studies. Limitations related to health or the ability to function are not an impediment to admission if their effects can be eliminated through reasonable measures such as special arrangements. In any case, the purpose is not to unnecessarily hinder the access of disabled persons or persons suffering from physical or mental limitations to education. Restrictions on student admission will be applied only in cases where it is evident that the applicant cannot participate in education due to his or her state of health or ability to function.

Check for field-specific restrictions, if any, set by each university. Further information is also available from the admission services and academic affairs offices of universities.

As a prior cancellation of the right to study may be an impediment to admission, applicants must inform the university of such decisions already at the application stage.

Drug tests during studies and an extract from the criminal records

In certain limited cases, students may be obligated to present a drug test certificate. This primarily concerns situations where testing is necessary to ascertain a student’s ability to function, provided that certain additional conditions specified in detail by law are met.

Students admitted to the University in 2012 or later may be requested to provide an extract from the criminal records for the assessment of their ability to study. Such an extract may be requested only from students whose studies include practical training or other activities involving work with minors. The extract will be requested before the beginning of the practical training or other activity. To ensure the safety of minors, it is necessary to ascertain that the student about to begin practical training has no criminal record of certain serious crimes (sex offence, murder, aggravated assault and battery, aggravated burglary and robbery and narcotics offence).

Updated 3.2.2018