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Request for re-entry into the student register

Request for re-entry into the student register

The fee for re-entry is 35 euro. Bachelor and master students must also pay the Student Union membership fee in addition to this.

You must apply for re-entry if you have not registered (as present or absent) for the academic year.

If you have not been registered for more than one academic year in a row, your application for re-entry is handled by the faculty office (for bachelor and master students) or research services (for doctoral students). In this case you must attach a study plan or research plan to your application.

You apply for re-entry here.

NB! In order to send in your application you must click the “Spara bilagor” (Save attachments) button, even if you do not need to provide any attachments.

You will be sent the decision via e-mail or by post, of whether your application has been approved or denied. If your application has been approved, you will receive payment instructions for the re-entry fee of 35 euro, as well as instructions for the Student Union membership fee (which is mandatory for bachelor and master students to pay).

Updated 22.5.2019