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Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

Master’s­ Degree­ Pro­gramme­ in­ Peace,­ Me­dia­tion­ and­ Con­flict­ Re­search

Targeted at those seeking to create a positive impact on society, this master’s degree programme aims to prepare its students for professional activity in both interpersonal and international conflict situations. Developed with the challenges of modern-day society in mind, students of this course will gain a deeper understanding of the role that human behaviour plays in altering civilization and how peace, mediation and conflict resolution are essential to the growth of society and the creation of a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

Taking a largely psychological and anthropological approach, students of this programme can look forward to engaging with far-reaching and highly relevant topics such as the escalation of war and its effect on cultural and social dynamics. The programme aims to help students understand the mechanisms behind conflict and encompasses the teaching of mediation, negotiation, and peacebuilding from an objective and balanced perspective. Other areas of focus include subjects such as the evolution and escalation of aggression – the interdisciplinary nature of which provides a solid platform for students to base further independent research.

Skills learned throughout the duration of this two-year programme (which is based at the Vasa campus of Åbo Akademi University), are highly significant and purposeful within today’s society. The studies not only encourage students to garner new perspectives on human interaction and relationships, but also, teach students how to facilitate the improvement of these relationships on a scale of their choosing. Successful completion of this programme will result in students being awarded with a Master of Social Science degree.


120 ECTS / 2 years





Apply time

3 - 17.1.2024


Apply to the master’s degree programme 3.1. – 17.1.2024!

Career Prospects:

Whilst the aim of this programme is to prepare students for professional activity in both interpersonal and international conflict situations, many graduates have also gone on to study at PhD level, conducting advanced research within the field of social science.

Graduates who have chosen to start working right after graduation have also had a great deal of success, with many now enjoying challenging careers in areas such as teaching, policy making and advocacy work within the public sector and private organisations. Other areas that students have thrived in include: grassroots organisations, NGOs, intergovernmental organisations and even the establishment of their own organisations.

The Master's degree program in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research here in Åbo Akademi, has allowed me to make choices and decisions, giving me confidence in my actions to transform challenges into exploration, risk into reward, and fear into determination.

David Haire



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