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Programme in Peace, mediation and conflict research specific requirements

Programme in Peace, mediation and conflict research specific requirements

The applicant applies directly to the Master´s Programme in Peace, mediation and conflict research. All applicant must meet the academic and language requirements.

Academic requirements
A three-year Bachelor, Master or equivalent diploma in the Humanities, Social Sciences or Behavioral Sciences (e.g. Peace and Conflict Studies, International Relations, History, Anthropology, Psychology, Education or Administrative Sciences). If the degree is not completed by the end of the application period, the applicant can be admitted on condition that she/he submits the degree certificate by deadline set by Åbo Akademi University. Applicants must also prove their knowledge of the English language.

Students who fulfil the formal admission criteria are admitted on the basis of the relevance of their former studies and their success in these. Relevance of prior studies and the applicant’s motivation are carefully considered. Applicants are advised to explain their reasons for applying to this programme specifically. Work experience relevant to the programme or other relevant merits and qualifications may be taken into account. Other relevant merits and qualifications should be clearly expressed by applicants in the motivation letter which is part of the application form. The applicants might be approached for a personal interview via Skype.

There is no entrance examination. Admission is granted on the basis of an application. Due to the high number of applicants, meeting the admission criteria is no guarantee for admission to the programme.

An applicant, who has already completed a master’s degree, where the content of the studies is the same as the one offered in the programme that the applicant is applying to, is eligible to apply but cannot use this qualification to gain extra merit in relation to other applicants. If the sought degree programme is identical or almost identical to the degree that the applicant already has, the department can reject admission with the objection that there is no new learning aspect that would motivate admission (the applicant already has the qualification that he or she is applying to). Applicants who already have a master level qualification within the same area are therefore asked, in the application form, to specify the reasons for applying in relation to the new learning aspect.


Updated 18.10.2018